Our Nutritionist

Phillippa has worked in private practice for over ten years, seeing patients of all ages with a variety of health, nutrition and general wellness problems and concerns. She is also a qualified Allergy & Intolerance tester having realised from both personal experience and from her patients, the effect that food intolerances can have on health, wellness and in particular the effects these can have on the health of the digestive system.

The Food Trends of 2019 – What to Watch out for

Here we are again at the start of a fresh New Year, which often brings with it both misery and anti...

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2 Ingredient Overnight Oats

What you'll needBanana Overnight Oats75g rolled oats200ml Planted Oat Drink with BananaChocolate Ove...

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Essential Foods for a Healthy Bowel

Discussing ones bowel function is not usually a topic that just crops up in a conversation and is on...

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The Five Health Challenges to try NOW

In June, the British Nutrition Foundation set five health challenges with the purpose of bringing to...

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Superfoods for Summer Salads

Some things are just made to go together! Cheese and wine, egg and cress, strawberries and cream, mi...

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Demystifying Gluten

Gluten is a familiar word to many, yet despite many people knowing the word, there is still much con...

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