How We Grew...

When we created Planted, we set out to show the world how delicious dairy free could be. Using natural ingredients, we tested and tasted our drink recipes until the cows came home – or didn’t! - using our expertise from decades in the dairy alternatives and ‘free from’ arena.

A new way of thinking about drinking.

And so Planted was born, to encourage people to think about what we drink and whether it’s good for us. Not in a health nut kind of way, but in a naturally-looking-after-yourself kind of way. That’s where Planted is coming from.

Do some good. Drink some good.

Besides making naturally delicious and delightful drinks, we were mindful to consider the planet. Planted is packed in Tetra Pak cartons (which are recyclable and made from renewable resources), all of our drinks are long-life so there’s less waste, and we support the Woodland Trust by donating money to protect trees. All is good with the world...

So if you’re looking for a drink that’s deliciously different and dairy free, we say good for you! Welcome to Planted.

Planted by name. Delicious by nature.